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"We aim to the sun, so that when we fall we just find ourselves on the moon"
HODL is a trading approach which came to people's attention with the rise of interest in crypto-currency trading which actually derived from the misspelling of the word to hold. As crypto-currencies are still an emerging industry, the prices of some currencies are still undervalued and are expecting a huge rise in short-term (3-4 weeks) and some of them are looking to break their all time high prices which is a great opportunity for us to find those undervalued currencies and look for the breakout and signal this breakout to our clients. So we do not buy them before hand and day dream about the breakout..we wait for the price signal which would confirm our technical analysis on the breakout and then we buy.


We analyse the crypto market by analysing Bitcoin and giving long term and short term forecasts on how the price will move. This helps us understand what should we expect from the market and helps us understand if we are in a Bear market or a Bull market. Being on a bear market means we stay away from our HODL trades as most of them will follow the market on their bear move however if we know that the market is moving down then we can short the market/bet against the market using BTC SHORTS option and make profit when the market is falling. Catching the market on the bull run or making a reversal, gives us the signal that there will be other crypto-currencies which will breakout more than Bitcoin therefore we analyse the market and find the best trades for our customer to get the maximum out of the bulls.


When I started trading, I started by using This website gives you access to charts of any currency or commodity you have been looking for, moreover it also gives you the ability to see chart indicators which will helps you forecast and understand where the market is. So our clients will be contacted by our trader in tradingview after they subscribe for membership. To subscribe and become a member please click the button below or just go to the link Become A Member in the menu bar.